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iGeneration is a short comedy animation. A world born in the smartphone.

Each episode revolves around the character's funny life. iMons is are creatures which inspired by phenomena from the social media. They have their own characteristics and it come from our daily social activities.

iGeneration animation is a reminder to all social media users. These stories seem absurd and funny, but they are what we are doing on social media. Stop being selfieholic and phubbing. it's the time to put down your smartphone. 


Art Director:    


Character Design:

Script Writing:

Music Composer:


Henry Leung & Keith Ng

Wilson Cheung

Alan Mak & Wilson Cheung

Wilson Cheung

Keith Ng

Henry Leung 

Alan Mak & Henry Leung 

Director’s Note

Born in the iGeneration, our life and smartphone have linked inextricably. some said the average person spends four years of his life looking down at his smartphone. it's kind of ironic. There are iPhone, iPad, iMac. Everything is i, but the truly I is fading out. Technology makes our lives more convenient, but it nibble our hearts at the same time. The world has been changed, social application comes first beyond everything, while there are plenty smartphone zombies on the street and they seem not live in the real world. 

Therefore, we created this animation to make people realize that how ridiculous Internet generation are.  iWorld maybe fascinating, crazy and wonderful, but we should let go, Find back the Initially I. Live a life you will remember.


This animation is about a parallel world which in our smartphone. There are some interesting creature and they have their own civilization. To draw people's attention, we chose a simple short comedy story. We hope that people can have a healthy social life.


Followers are small, blue creatures who have existed since the beginning of Facebook.

They always follow people who they interested. 


A annoying girl who love to talk, always talk and won't stop.


Snaper is a magician and shapeshifter who can mimic the appearance of any things.


A gorgeous beauty in iWolrd. She love selfie and got plenty of followers.

Whatsapp couple

A phubbing couple who always chat on Whatsapp. Never put down their phone.

Poker & Liker

Poker is a noble little gentleman, but he has a bad habit. He love to poke people for fun.


Liker is brother of Poker. he always “Like” thing no matter it's good or bad.

Bluetick Warrior

A warrior pursuit of a peaceful mind, but he always gets into such foul rages when someone disturb him.

Selfie Twins

A selfieholic twins. One (yellow)  loves to shoot best things. Other one(red) loves to shoot worse things.


Snaper is a magician and shapeshifter who can mimic the appearance of any things.

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