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Design A Memorable Name Card And Logo

When it comes to design, the first thing we came up should be name card or logo design. It is the most common graphic design and everyone will need one for their business. A well-designed graphic can grab your business partner's attention. But we are not designing only beautiful images for you. We are designing a brand together.

LeMondePro Name card_Gold

LeMondePro Name card_sliver


Your name card need to come with a message. A message from your business, the main concept of your brand. For example, the namecard of LeMonde.Pro is a presentation for reliable and trust. We chose the design of credit card showing convenience and sincerity. And, the logo we made used, combining the laydowned letter "L" and "M" to form a cube representing the stereoscopic impression of our design. The circle pattern shows flexibility of our production. We are easy to work with and we value every project.

Every design should have their own stories and comes with message. It may be hard to understand or need some explain. But once you discover the meaning of it, the graphic will stay along in mind. That is what we call breading.


Of course we all need design with aesthetic pleasure. The design you need for name card is memorable and good impression. An unique layout helps your business partners discover more interest from you. The namecard of LeMonde.Pro gives impact by its credit card model and the use of color. We treat our production as an artwork and we sure people will like to keep it in their wallet.

Having your own unique design

When we creating your design you may need:

  • A story of your business

  • A message

  • Elements

We can build something awesome together. It is time to show your thought to the world.

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